Tree Removal Services – Factors That Determine the Cost of the Service

Lands full of tall palm trees in front of the house indeed increase the value of the property. But the problem will arise when you have to get them removed. Not only the task is hazardous, but a considerable cost is also involved in it.

However, the importance of removing it is very crucial. When the rainy season approaches, there is always a potential danger of accidental damage due to the falling of these tall trees. If you are thinking of removing the trees by yourself, the possibility of hazard is a lot higher.

There are many experts in palm tree removal Adelaide who have everything available for a safe tree removal process such as trained personnel, tree cutting and lifting machines, tools and insurance. A few factors will determine the cost of tree removal. These are:

* Average size of the trees – every variety of trees has an average height up to which these are expected to grow. It can range from a few feet to hundreds of feet. The longer the tree, greater are the risks involved in the removal and thus, greater is the cost involved. The cost of palm tree removal starts from hundred dollars onwards and can extend up to five hundred dollars and more for the tree up to hundred feet in height. Different companies have different scales to evaluate these costs.

* Location of the trees – removing trees located in the open area is accessible while trees situated in the middle of a town are difficult to remove. Sometimes, trees are located in close vicinity of the owner’s house, or the branches are entangled in an electric pole. Such conditions require much caution during the palm tree removal process.

* Equipment rentals – the palm tree removal companies, have many types of equipment available for them to use to help them in the removal process. These machines have enormous capacities for cutting thick tree branches and trunks and lifting these heavy masses to a different location. These are expensive and have high repair and maintenance costs. So the costs they charge include some amount of equipment rentals.

* Tree relocation and disposal costs – after removing the trees, the logs remaining are needed to be disposed to another location so that these do not obstruct the path of the passersby. Also, the stump staying on the ground also needs to be removed. The costs of taking the trees to a new location where these can be utilised or recycled in a better way are added to the tree removal costs. Stump grinding can also be done using different techniques which have various costs involved.

You can also consider recycling the tree waste. It is an eco-friendly way of disposing of the debris left after removal, and it may even reduce the removal costs. So while consulting with a palm tree removal company, always ask whether this option is available to them.

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