Get to Understand Family Law in Adelaide

Difficult times may approach a family in a way that it calls for them to refer to a legal system in the area to help them solve them appropriately. The family law is a delicate and important matter. Therefore, the Adelaide judicial system has been set up in a way that it will handle whatever case that is presented to them to brighten the lives of the family once again and restore hope to the difficulties that they are going through. The reasons that call for the action of the family law Adelaide include child abuse, which is a grave matter, and also divorce between the parents.

Two main legal processes are associated with the family law and which an individual can choose from. The first legal process is the Federal Magistrates Court and the Family Courts. These courts have been set up to provide various services that the clients are looking for as long as they revolve around the family law. The primary services that are provided by both the courts include offering an easy filing process, and they also give access to legal systems that will help the families solve their disputes correctly. In addition, they also provide a simple platform for transferring the cases to other courts and when it is the right time to do so.

The two courts have many shared characteristics, but in the real sense, they all deal with different issues concerning the family law. The difference of the services offered in each court is brought about by the judicial power that each is given. For instance, the Federal Magistrate Court has been given the right to deal with cases that are less complex and in circumstances where the decision should be reached within a short time. On the other hand, the Family Court has been set up to deal with more complicated issues and is considered as the superior court legally regarding family law Adelaide.

Also, the two courts are divided into two main areas: financial matters and the parenting matters. The monetary issues that are dealt with the family court include complicated issues that surround trust involving many parties. Such concerns are solved with the involvement of multiple expert witnesses. Parenting issues that are dealt in the court include cases in which a child welfare group or agency is involved, family violence, mental health issues, and serious physical or sexual abuse. Finally, under the parenting matters, there is also the application of the law that covers child abduction.

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